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Juan Bautista: “I was born in the jungle of Bavaro”

In this edition of BOP faces, we take you back into time. Juan Bautista was born in Bavaro, Punta Cana and saw it develop from a young age. No schools, no roads, no hotels, no buildings, just jungle. “Sometimes I did not see money for years. Not one single peso. Nothing. Or I would not see a single person for years other than my family.” Juan Bautista (55), proudly stands in the little shop where he works in Bibijagua. He is surrounded by bottles of Mamajuana, organic Cocoa butter, and cigars. It is the place he has been working for 18 years. Here everyone calls him Cigolo and he is also known as the Mamajuana man since he makes this local drink himself. His friend Gringo, an American that has been living in the Dominican Republic selling tours, is there…

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February 17, 2018