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We know your BOP’s weekly has been coming in on Saturday instead of Friday. No worries next week everything will be back to normal again. Well, let’s get to it. What can you do on this Saturday and Sunday in Punta Cana? How about dancing to the tunes of the Buena Vista Social Club, or enjoying a belated Halloween party, or letting your kids experience Coco Bongo? You can do all of this and so much more this weekend in Punta Cana.

Coco Bongo for kiddies

On this weekend in Punta Cana your kids, nephew, nieces, or grandchildren can enjoy one of the best nightlife experiences in the area. You won’t be dropping them off at night but at 1 PM in the afternoon today (Saturday). They will have the chance to be entertained at Coco Bongo’s special kid’s event. Expect Spiderman and other superheroes! Be on time, because it can be busy. Call 829-830-3273 Yissel
González from Yiyi tours for more information.

Belated Halloween

If you happen to have missed all the Halloween parties in Punta Cana this week, you still have a chance to get in a scary vibe at Pearl Beach Club in Cabeza de Toro on Saturday and Sunday! With their Beach of the dead Halloween weekend they will be entertaining you with music and skeletons from 11 AM in the morning.

Buena Vista Social Club

Who does not know the songs of this legendary band from Cuba. Although some of the band members passed away their music still lives on to this day. On this weekend in Punta Cana you can dance to the tunes of the Buena Vista Social Club at Habana 537 bar in Bavaro, during a tribute show. The bands start at 10 PM.

Ala Jaza live at El Kan

We mentioned El Kan in our article on the best clubs in Punta Cana. On Sunday you have the chance to experience the real Dominican vibe of this place with a live performance of Ala Jaza. You might know the songs Te Sone or Tamo bien of this Dominican artist. Expect an ecstatic crowd that sings along with all the songs! The concert starts at 10 PM.

Visit an organic garden

We gave tips about going organic in Punta Cana before. Well, we have another one. On this weekend in Punta Cana you can visit the organic garden of Fundacion Grupo Punta Cana. Get your sustainable papayas, mint, and fresh leek there. Call 809 959 9221 or email for directions and to schedule your visit.

How was your weekend in Punta Cana? Tag us using #instaBOP or @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Pearl Beach Club