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It is almost time to dive into your well-deserved weekend! But wait. Check this edition of BOP’s weekly first to be prepared. We have some nice things to do in Punta Cana for you. How about a Caribbean festival? Or attending a fishing tournament and partying on a catamaran where everyone will be dressed in white? It’s all possible this weekend!

Lazy Lizard

There is nothing lazy about Lazy Lizard, other than the fact that you can really relax here. Grab a drink after work at this out door snack bar located in Las Canas in Cap Cana. Especially the cocktails and the burgers will have your taste buds going to another level. Try the mojitos and the caipirinhas. But it is not all food and drinks. The music that varies from house to R&B, will make you forget your busy working week in a second.

BRT weekend

Imagine having four days where you are dancing on Macao beach, splashing around in a pool party and enjoying live performances from artists like Beenie Man and Shenseea. Sounds like fun, right? Well, you can experience this during Beach Road Trip weekend. It started yesterday, but you can still join the fun. You are just in time to head over for the beach party that starts at 2 pm at Macao today. Part two at the beach, starts at 9 pm till 3 am. During these hours there will be a live performance. Maybe you want to have a backdrop of wakeboarders instead? Then attending the festival on Saturday is something for you, because Chozza at Rad Park will be the location of the festivities. All the cool things come to an end on Sunday where Beenie Man will be performing on Macao. Definitely one of the nice things to do in Punta Cana this weekend. You can buy tickets here.

White Marlin tournament

The hunt for the Marlin. Fishermen from all over come to Punta Cana to catch a glimpse of this fish. This weekend there is a tournament to catch the biggest white Marlin ‘and release it of course’ for a prize. If you want to participate in the tournament you can register today from 5 to 10 PM. This means you will be out on a boat searching the waters for this special fish. If you are not into fishing, you can also stop by to join them at the Hawaiian party Saturday night or attend the awards Ceremony on Sunday night.

This White Marlin tournament takes place in the Marina Cap Cana.

White boat party

This is a classic. You know the trips where you go on holiday with a group of friends and the first thing you do is look for a Catamaran to go and party. If you are looking for something similar, then this event might be the one for you.  This Saturday from 3 to 9 PM Catamaran Party Punta Cana, organizes a white boat party with DJ Mariposa and DJ Makuto from Playa Bavaro. Sailing, good tunes and lots of dancing.


Partying, fishing, cocktails, burgers….. You would almost forget to do some with your kids this weekend. Something that entails learning more about nature and seeing animals around. Okay, this is actually not only for kids. Partners and friends are welcome too. Monkeyland is the place to be. They still have availability on Saturday and Sunday.  So why not enjoy a Sunday feeding monkeys from a fruit bowl in your hand, visiting a typical Dominican house and walking through a botanical garden? Just one of the nice things to do in Punta Cana these days.

Enjoy the weekend!

Do you know more nice things to do in Punta Cana? Tag us using #bopsweekly or @bestofpuntacanaofficial!