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The 2018 World Cup Final is between France and Croatia! But where are you going to watch this exciting game in Punta Cana? We listed the best places for you. This one goes out to all the soccer freaks!

Steve’s Corner bar

Located in Bavaro, Steve’s Corner bar is one of the go to places for soccer fans. Especially the British know how to find Steve’s, so if you’re in for a day of beer, laughs and yelling amongst die-hard sports fans, this is your best bet. Find Steve’s Facebook page here.

Hard Rock Cafe

Maybe not the most original option, but definitely worth it. Hard Rock Cafe Punta Cana knows how to organize a soccer event, with a 15 dollar breakfast menu that includes a mimosa. If you haven’t had enough to eat and drink, the lunch menu starts at 10am and will be available until close. So, get ready for game day! Find their events here.

Beerhouse Punta Cana

Want to enjoy a relaxed night of soccer with friendly people?  Beerhouse Punta Cana is the coziest place to watch the World Cup Final in Punta Cana. Plus, with 100 imported beers you can drown your sorrow if your favorite team loses. Check out their page here.

Oasis Montreal

Some people call the ‘the best sports bar in Punta Cana’, which we can understand. Right by the Bavaro beach, you can eat the best Dominican soul food, snacks and order good cocktails. If you’re done watching the World Cup Final, you can play a soccer game or two on the beach yourself! Visit their website here.

Our Republic

Another reason to go to Bavaro: Our Republic Restaurant and Bar. They serve excellent seafood and Dominican dishes like Mofongo, have great cocktails and beers and enormous screens to top it all off. Set in a friendly atmosphere, this is a great spot that many guests return to. Check out their website here.

Shopping malls

If you want to combine some shopping with watching the World Cup Final, head on to the Blue Mall Punta Cana or Palma Real Shopping Village. In both malls there is a big screen where you can enjoy the final with the whole family.

Which team are you supporting? France or Croatia? Let us know at @bestofpuntacanaofficial!