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Tipping in Punta Cana. Featured on Best of Punta Cana. Tricks and tips for tipping in Punta Cana. USD dollar bills.

“How much do we leave for tip?” A question that is heard throughout all-inclusive resorts, restaurants, hairdressers, spa’s, and more in Punta Cana. Honestly, it is quite a challenge finding out those so called ‘tipping rules’ when you are in a foreign country. Luckily, we at BOP are here to guide you on tipping in Punta Cana!

Tipping in all-inclusive resorts & hotels

You booked an all-inclusive resort because everything is included. So why bring cash? Of course tipping is personal and you are  in no way forced to leave a tip. But when you do want to give a little extra to the person who cleans your room, leave a few dollars or pesos in the room with a note saying propina (tip in Spanish). In this way there is no confusion for the person when leaving the resort with cash.

Tipping your porters that help you with your luggage is also a way of showing appreciation for their hard work. 1 to 5 USD will do.

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When eating at an a la carte restaurant in all-inclusive resort or hotel, you can also leave a tip. Up to 5 USD will do. This is also the case when you have an exceptional bartender that makes your cocktails just the way you like it. Why not leave him or her 2 USD tip?

Butler situation

Some all-inclusive resorts just have that little extra service, which includes a butler. Yes, a butler! Tipping your butler is the key to having an even more magical experience in Punta Cana. Your butler will be going the extra mile to make your vacation memorable. You can tip your butler around 10 USD to 20 USD a day. Or you can choose to tip them at the beginning of your stay and at the end of your stay. In this way you can also evaluate the service that was given to you.


You just finished your wonderful meal in one of Punta Cana’s best restaurants and then the bill comes. It has 10% propina legal written on it. Which means 10% legal tips. To tip or not to tip? The general unwritten rule is to leave a 10% tip, because some restaurants do not pay this legal tip to their employees although they need to by law. Other restaurants do not have any tips included. So when you are happy with the service it is okay to tip the 10%.

Hairdresser & Spa

Tipping everyone in Punta Cana randomly is not the way to go, but in certain places you can. For example at the hairdresser or the spa. You can leave a 10% to 15% tip or more if you are really pleased with the service.

Tipping in Punta Cana in foreign currencies

You can tip in Dominican Pesos and  in US dollars. Whatever you prefer. Only make sure you understand the exchange rate, because leaving 10 pesos instead of 10 USD as a tip is a big difference. Euros are accepted but are sometimes more difficult to exchange.

With these tips you will be ready to start tipping in Punta Cana. And of course tipping is personal. Just do it from the heart and as an appreciation of the service that is provided.

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