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We love exploring the Dominican Republic! The island is full of amazing things to see and do! One of the coolest things we love is spending time with the local people. Dominicans are happy and full of positive energy, and they love talking to visitors! We’ve got the perfect way to make Dominican friends instantly with our Dominican Spanish phrasebook! Here we take a look at the most common greetings in the Dominican Republic:


A formal greeting used in business settings or groups. You’ll notice that every Dominican entering public transport, waiting rooms or joining a queue will greet other patrons with one of these two words. The response is always the same back in acknowledgement!

Que lo Que

The most famous Dominican greeting! You’ll hear this shouted across the street, at the bar followed by a hug or high five amongst friends, seriously everywhere! Dominicans love when visitors greet them with a quick “Que lo Que” or “klk” if you’re greeting via text! Example:

1: Que lo Que hermano!

2: Que lo Que!

Cuentame/Dime – Tell Me

A popular greeting amongst friends, where the response usually gives a little more information of the wellbeing of the second person. Example:

1: Cuentame!

2: Aqui bien, esperando la guagua – (Here well, waiting for the bus)

Que pasó? – What Happened?

A greeting used when the other party looks sad or stressed, used to find out what’s troubling a friend, family member or colleague. Example:

1: Que pasó cariño? – (what happened honey?)

2: Me duele la cabeza – (my head hurts)

Dime a Ver – What’s Up?

Another option if the greeter wants to know more about the well-being of the recipient! The literal translation is, “tell me so I can see (visualize in my head what’s going on in your life!)”.

Dominicans are super friendly, and except in formal settings, will almost always refer to each other with cute names here are some of the most popular:


Mi Hermano – My Brother

Mi Jefe – My Boss

Monstro – Monster

Tigre – Tiger/Macho Man


Mi Niña – My Child

Mi Linda – My Beautiful


Mi Amor – My Love


Another thing that you’ll notice is when you greet a Dominican, you’ll usually always get one of two responses:

Bien – Good

Tranquilo/a – Quiet/chilling

It’s a small but super positive vibe that resonates throughout the whole island!

Now it’s your turn to practice! Stay tuned as we continue our Dominican phrasebook throughout the month of March. What’s your favorite Dominican phrase? Let us know in our Facebook Group!