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The best places for your wedding proposal in Punta Cana featured on Best of Punta Cana. Picture of a motorboat, sunset on a boat of Boat Trips Punta Cana

Punta Cana is one of the most popular wedding destinations, and how can it not be? With the white beaches, swaying palms and exotic and laid-back vibe, Punta Cana is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. If you’re not married yet but looking for a place to pop the question, look no further: we’ve got some inspiration for you. And with a wedding proposal in Punta Cana in these places…we’re pretty sure it will be a big ‘YES’!

A hot air balloon sunrise

Have you ever thought about doing a wedding proposal in Punta Cana while seeing the place from a whole new perspective? The balloon ascends calmly and take in the breathtaking views like the endless white beaches, tall mountains, sugarcane fields and villages with local communities. The sun slowly rises too and the warm shades of pink and orange blend into each other. And then it’s time to ask THE question. Can you picture it?

What do we recommend?

Dominican Balloons offers a very romantic sunrise champagne tour. Just like the sun you will have to rise and shine early, as you and your partner will be picked up from your hotel at around 6 AM. You can enjoy a coffee (or two) at the takeoff area while the air balloon heats up and you’ll get safety instructions. During the ride you will enjoy all the stunning views over the Punta Cana region, after which you land in a sugarcane field where a fresh fruit breakfast with champagne awaits. You will then be transported back to your resort, but now as an engaged couple!

A romantic yacht trip

Sailing is one of the top outdoor activities in Punta Cana, because there is plenty to see on, in and around the clear blue waters. There is nothing more relaxed than taking in the stunning scenery while you drift past pretty beaches with a bit of wind in your hair. Only hearing the chirps of birds as they fly over, or a subtle splash by a fish. Of course, this also means that it’s a great way to enjoy a romantic evening, and maybe a memorable night…

What do we recommend?

There are many tours in Punta Cana that offer boat trips, but most of them are group tours. While that can be fun, it’s totally understandable you’d rather have a more private experience while doing a proposal. If you want a sailing experience without onlookers, you can opt for a romantic yacht tour organized by Katya and Rob, a local Punta Cana couple that organize romantic tours and weddings. This tour gives you an amazing nature experience on a small yacht. Enjoy fresh lobster, pop open the bubbly and take a dive in natural pools. The yacht will also be stopping by at the Indigenous Eyes Ecological reserve. The lush green surroundings of this place bring more serenity to your day, and you can even take a swim and meet and greet some turtles. There is also ‘elopement’ option, where you can spend some time in paradise in form of a private beach. This would be an out of the ordinary marriage proposal which, as they say will ‘overwhelm your senses’!

Or go for Boat Trips Punta Cana. This company located in Cap Cana offers romantic private boat tours from the Marina in Punta Cana and from Bavaro. Propose on an untouched beach, in the natural pool or on the ocean with a magical sunset as backdrop. Music, champagne, even a romantic breakfast or dinner, anything can be arranged. They will customize your wedding proposal to your needs, to make it an unforgettable experience. When organizing your special proposal, don’t be shy and ask them for their special dinner menus that includes a red pepper ceviche with banana chips!

A sensual massage on the beach

Not all experiences have to be wild or out of the ordinary to be special. Sometimes a more calm and blissful setting is all it takes to have a wonderful night. If this sounds like you, a wedding proposal in Punta Cana after a romantic massage on the beach could be your thing. Close your eyes for a second and dream about this: just you and your loved one, on a sultry, exotic night, just dressed in a robe…if it were us, we would get married then and there!

What do we recommend?

This romantic moonlight beach massage for two takes place in Los Corales, Bavaro. You can probably guess: it has a pearly white beach, an abundance of palm trees and a luxurious vibe to get you in the mood. At arrival, you can take a small tour through the botanical garden and learn about natural healing herbs and plants used in the Dominican Republic. After you put on your robe and slippers, you take a short walk to the beach where you’ll find your massage beds surrounded by torches. During the hour-long massage you and your fiance-to-be have time to close your eyes, listen to the relaxing sound of the waves and drift into ultimate bliss. After the massage, you can end open a bottle of sparkling wine and eat some fresh, tropical fruit to end the evening. Or is this only the beginning?

Hoyo Azul: a turquoise natural wonder

Punta Cana has many unique natural places (Naturaleza, as Dominicans call it) that are perfect for a unique wedding proposal. Hoyo Azul (also called the blue hole) is one of them. A blue hole is a large natural hole filled with water, that appears this color because of the light being refracted through clear waters. A rare natural wonder! Hoyo Azul is located off the base of a cliff and you’ll be stunned by the almost turquoise water and flora and fauna you can find here. Not only is it a beautiful sight to see, but due to the limited access to this hidden place, walking or swimming here is a very exclusive experience. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Revisit our article on swimming in a cave or lagoon for more nature spots.

What do we recommend?

Because Hoyo Azul has very limited access the best way to get there is by a tour. The Hoyo Azul Eco tour can be booked and has groups up to 20 people. Although you won’t have the tour guide to yourselves, there is plenty of time and space to roam around more privately. Take in the panoramic views of the striking Farallon Cliff, and learn about local animals and plants during the tropical forest hike. After diving into the history of the native Taino people (indigenous Dominicans) and seeing their cave paintings, you can take a fresh plunge into the lagoon. If you want a quiet place to pop the big question, we recommend mentioning this when you’re booking the tour, or talk to the tour guide before. They will be more than happy to help you with finding a place to ask your partner for their hand. This option for your wedding proposal in Punta Cana can’t get you any closer to nature!

Horseback riding with glorious views

Much has been said about the Punta Cana beaches, but did you know the Dominican countryside can be very romantic too? The calm sound of a running stream, the dreamy sight of patches of green and plants and animals you have never seen before. Horseback riding is a very popular activity in Punta Cana, which usually takes place on one of the beaches. But instead of Punta Cana’s sandy coast, you can choose different surroundings: rivers, hills, horses and cows. You can take a glimpse into the life of Dominican rural communities, and maybe even help them take care of the horses before you go out on your romantic horseback riding trip!

What do we recommend?

There are many ranches and horseback riding tours near and around Punta Cana, but Rancho Cana Tequila sticks out. The staff is very friendly and warm and will make sure you will get have an amazing (and safe) horseback riding experience. You can do a ‘true Dominican countryside’ tour or a full moon tour, where you can discover everything about the flora and fauna of the countryside and drink a shot of Rancho Cana’s own tequila afterwards. You can pick fresh, juicy mangoes from one of the many trees, plant your own cacao seed and enjoy a perfectly cooked Dominican meal while you’re there. It shouldn’t be hard to find a romantic spot in these natural and pure surroundings, where you can share a private moment with your partner and ask them to be with you the rest of your lives! Definitely one of the most romantic places for a wedding proposal in Punta Cana.

We’d love to hear all about your romantic experiences of your wedding proposal in Punta Cana!  Tag us on Instagram & FaceBook @bestofpuntacanaofficial.

Photo: Boat Trips Punta Cana – wedding proposal in Punta Cana