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a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table

We all love it. A big assumption, but we think you do too. Pizzas and pastas. Yes, we are writing about Italian food. You can get it anywhere around the world. The Italians are everywhere. There are a lot of places in Punta Cana where you can get pizza and pasta, but what are the best Italian restaurants in Punta Cana? Of course, BOP has got you covered. We selected the best options in Punta Cana for you. Buon appetito!

Punto Italia

Punto Italia is located close to San Juan Shopping center is an absolute winner when it comes down to Italian food. The owners, two Italian brothers, know how to get the real Italian flavor in the Caribbean. What to expect? The best pizza’s baked in brick oven stove. Our favorites, are the sea fruit, and the one with rucola, parmesan and prosciutto. Delicious lasagna, the pasta with creamy pesto sauce is good too, we add shrimps to it. If you are with someone who is not really into Italian food, you can bring him or her along too, because the menu also has sandwiches and meat dishes too. What Punto Italia can work on is their service. At times the waitresses tend to not see you, or a smile is not present. Well, it did not spoil our appetite! This place is also open for lunch.


We mentioned this place in one little sentence in our article on things to do in Bavaro. That was not enough. Venezia in Bavaro, has pizzas and pastas. In comparison to Punta Italia, these pizzas are a little thinner. They are baked in a stone oven too. One of our favorites is the one with eggplant and parmesan. Ask for their spicy oil, to drip carefully on your pizza. It is so good! Sitting inside could get a little busy. That is why a place outside usually has our preference. Make sure to put some mosquito spray on because during sunset these little bugs can give you some painful stings.

Dolce Italia

And very Dolce (sweet) this Italian place is. This restaurant gives just that special extra when it comes down to pizzas. There is an option to choose between two different types of pizza bottoms. A crusty one or a traditional Napoli one. Did you ever hear of a place that has two options? We didn’t, and we were pleasantly surprised. Tip: try their Piacentina. But also, their fresh grilled fish (dorado, chillo) is delicioso. And what about their 4 cheese gnocchi? hmmm. If you want something totally different and meat free, then there is a vegan burger on the menu too. Dolce Italia is located in Palma Real Shopping center on the Avenida Alemania.

Mamma Luisa

We mentioned this restaurant in Punta Cana Village in our BOP’s weekly. We could not leave it off our Best Italian restaurants in Punta Cana. It is an Italian Trattoria, where you literally eat at your Italian surrogate mother. We are just going to say that this place is marvelous. Read some more about it on BOP’s weekly.

Mama’s Forno & Pasta

Another gem when it comes down to Italian food.  Mama’s Forno & Pasta is located in Sanctuary town in Cap Cana. You know that little food village next to the Sanctuary hotel. It is not that big, and you can only sit outside, but that will definitely not spoil your fun. The pizza’s that are prepared in brick wood oven are delicious. Even the pizza Margarita feels like it has this special flavor. Since we are lovers of spicy food, we added jalapenos to it. Apologies to the Italian people out there. We know that is not your Margarita. Stop by there for the great pastas too!

Did we miss some of the best Italian restaurants in Punta Cana on this list? Let us know by using  #BOP on Instagram and FaceBook!

Photo: Dolce Italia