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Food culture is important in Dominican culture, and we loving sharing dinner or lunch with the nightlife surroundings of outdoor Punta Cana. That’s why we are more than happy to share a bunch of food trucks in Punta Cana with you! That’s right – this is part two. As food trucks keep popping up on street corner after street corner, we’ll keep telling you their whereabouts. Enjoy!

Food trucks in Punta Cana, part 1

Remember the food trucks we spoke about first? Here’s a quick overview to remember these sweet, sweet spots. Think salivating BBQ sauce, great gyros dishes, the softest taco shells and a quick cheat but amazing Venezuelan arepas!

The food trucks of part 1:

  • BBQ Spot Meat & Grill
  • Greek foodtruck @ Blue Mall Punta Cana
  • Don Camaron
  • Pepito City

Later we reported on delish burger place Salsiao on the court of the Foodies Truck Bavaro. On Mondays and Tuesdays they have a 2 for 1 discount on almost ALL the trucks on the court! What a deal – you could even walk around and pick a few different dishes to share with your friends.

On to part 2!

Burger Street

Across the street from  San Juan Shopping Center, you can find food truck Burger Street. A small silver food truck with some delicious burgers like the name suggests. Choose a classical burger with cheese and bacon, but choose from other toppings too. Yummy!

Spot Street Cuisine

Downtown Bávaro, food truck Spot Street Cuisine prepares all kinds of different dishes – chimis, hamburgers, sandwiches, nachos, you name it! Okay it is not in the center of everything but it is worth the drive. They’re located on plaza marea ciudad las palmas. A residencial area that is a 10-minute drive from Punta Cana Airport. We are absolutely salivating at the look of those nachos and peppers… Or what about a good ol’ chorizo sausage? This is the trouble with the variety of food trucks in Punta Cana, you need to pick something. Good luck!

El Kiosko Chicken

El Kiosko Chicken on Avenida Alemania is one of those places you need to be recommended, so here we are. Recommending it to you. Get to it! Managers Mariel and Mario are the friendliest and make you feel truly welcome. El Kiosko Chicken provides great ribs, grilled meat and the traditional mofongo. Quality food for a cheap price!


Yup, another great food truck. Na’Guara  is located in the Blue Mall Punta Cana and brings us joy with tasty hamburgers, arepas, quesadillas and BBQ food. It is from on our BOP faces Lola ManzanaThis place doesn’t just do the simple burger, they also give you pulled meat, fat sausages, yummy looking fries and all the juicy sauces and toppings you could ask for! Pair your burger with a cool IPA from Lola´s other venture the Tiki Bar – these places are an excellent duo.

The truck with no name

This carriage. Is located on the main road from Veron to San Juan Shopping Mall and is close to the stop they call La Maqueta. It is on the left side of the road and it has the best hot dogs in Punta Cana. That is all we can say. We know it sounds a little obscure, but it is so worth the drive. Tag us @bestofpuntacanofficial when you find this gem!

Know more secret food trucks in Punta Cana? Tag us on Instagram @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Foodies truck Bavaro