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a palm tree on a beach near a body of water

Your first image of beaches in Punta Cana would probably be palm trees, turquoise water, and beach bars. This is actually correct if you exclude some of the all-inclusive resorts on some beaches, which have a bit more people lying on sunbeds. The choice is yours. You can either mingle and enjoy more human interaction or you can choose to get some privacy at a beach where there is nothing around.

We like the vibe of the busier playas and love the tranquility of the hidden untouched beaches from time to time. That is why we selected 5 secret beaches we really like. Of course, we realize that these beaches will not be so secret anymore because of this post. But, sharing is caring. Above all, there is so much space around that we do not see these beaches crowding with flocks of people anytime soon.  


Macao beach is one of the most popular beaches in Punta Cana. It is a place where you can spot surf dudes and dudettes, hear merengue tunes and enjoy fresh fish. Especially on Sunday when families spend their free days there, this spot comes to life. To find our secret beach, turn away from this area. Do make sure to visit it when you come back from your private beach day.

When you enter Macao beach, turn to the left. You will see a surfing school. Pass this school and keep walking to the left. See the people disappear. And enjoy the beach for yourself. Go skinny dipping if you like. Nobody is around.

Uvero Alto

Uvero Alto is connected to Macao. In the end, it is the same coastline. This beach is really quiet.  Drive down the Carretera Uvero Alto and turn right into the street El Navegante and park in front of the El Navegante Seafood bar. From there walk to the left and see this whole stretch of beach, reserved just for you.

Unnamed beach in front of the Ecological Park

This is one of the beaches in Punta Cana, that will take some more effort to discover. It is definitely not your typical beach. The easiest way to find this beach is through the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park & Reserve in Punta Cana. Visit this reserve and admire lagoons where you also can swim in. We will dedicate another post on this beautiful place. When you are in the park ask for the Playa Blanca exit and entrance. There you will find a piece of untouched beach. Look to the left and see this abandoned wooden watchtower. Climb up and enjoy the view. It is real!

El Virgen Cabeza de Toro

This is a true gem. Really. Go where no one has gone before. El virgen is what its called. Everything you envisioned from an untouched beach is here. The palm tree that is hanging over the sea to a swing that is hanging from a tree. Yes, a swing! Let Breakers Boat Trips Punta Cana take you there by boat from Bavaro and enjoy a snorkeling tour at the same time. If you do not fancy doing a boat tour, go there by car. Or take the gaugua. In BOP goes local, we explained to you how to use local transport. When you go by car, follow the Carretera  Cabeza de Toro to the entrance Playa Cabeza de Toro. Park your car there and keep walking to the left and the beach. It will take a bit of walking, but after Natura Park Beach & Eco resort you will find this beautiful spot. We know it is a bit vague, but you will recognize it.

The other Virgen

There is another untouched secret beach in Cabeza de Toro. This one is on the other side. Between Dolphin Explorer and Pearl Beachclub. The easiest way to find it is to enter through Pearl Beachclub. When you are there walk to the beach and keep walking to the left and be amazed by this piece of untouched secret beach.

Beaches in Punta Cana

There are so many secret beaches in Punta Cana. We know this is a top 5, that is why we are asking you to reveal your secret beach that you would like to share with us and we will share it on BOP.  We will be very discrete.

Our advice is to use the quote from Yira Carrasco-Kemlin in BOP faces. “Walk along the beach and find the spot that pleases you.”

Just a little environmental note. When you are out there discovering these hidden beaches in Punta Cana, make sure to clean up after you leave, because it would be a shame to see these beautiful beaches full of litter.