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Hey new visitor, welcome to our paradise! Next to sun-tanning, beach club hopping and boat trip making, you’d love to see some cool, quirky art and historical artifacts. There’s no fun in visiting a place if you don’t get to know the culture and history, right? No worries. We’re here with a quick list of 5 great museums around Punta Cana.

Museums around Punta Cana

As we’re a fresh new town, there aren’t many big museums or galleries yet, but we’re sure this is changing soon. With all the creatives coming to settle in Punta Cana, a new hub is arising. Besides the yearly Art Weekend in Macao Hostel and the Art Gallery in Puntacana Village, we have some cute little galleries, art shops and museums around Punta Cana for you to explore. If you want to go big on art though, it’s probably a good idea to make a day trip to Santo Domingo. Here, you’ll find huge museums of modern art and Dominican history.

Museo Cayuco in Miches

Small town Miches is the gateway to beautiful pieces of art in nature (we name more than one perfect waterfall, beaches, mangroves, rainforest), but there’s a lot to discover in terms of arts and craft making too! Museo Cayuco is not a traditional museum, instead it’s a little community/workplace/bed and breakfast created by local artist Cayuco. You can just visit them, stay for dinner and chat about the art and history of Miches and the Dominican Republic – or you could stay the night and truly immerse yourself into the artsy feel of Museo Cayuco. Expect a family feel full of color and hospitality in a stunning natural setting.

ChocoMuseum Punta Cana

ChocoMuseum Punta Cana is located in Bávaro and tells you all about the history of Dominican Republic’s finest export products: chocolate, rum and coffee! There is a little debate on this place. Some say it is not an actual museum, but more of a shop. Others love it and applaud the fact that they can see how Chocolate is made. Our verdict: go when you want to get knowledge of how chocolate is made and the history of cacao. Do not expect a big museum. Yes, there will be some chocolate sold, but you can also taste it in beforehand if you like! Lots of choccy experience and products – this is one of those places  in Punta Cana for kids to go to, too.

Altos de Chavon Regional Museum of Archaeology

In cute village La Romana, about an hour drive from Punta Cana, you find more than one art and history experience. Number one is the Regional Museum of Archaeology, a great insight into the local and historical archaeology. This is for those of you that love seeing cultural artifacts and learn more about the past of a specific place. Where did the original inhabitants live? How did they provide for themselves? What tools did they use? While you’re in La Romana, don’t forget to visit the Art Gallery and see some local artists at work. The building they work at is a true masterpiece itself. Altos de Chavon is a village of artists, and you can find people like Emilio Robba work on their pottery here. It’s a must-visit.

The Old Church in Higuey

Don’t forget Higuey on your round of cultural sights and museums around Punta Cana! This city is a 40 minute drive and a great day trip – you can wander around little parks and nice streets, squares and ancient buildings like the cathedral! A bit of a lesser known, but amazing structure, is the Old Church in Higuey. Not a museum per se, but a beautiful, authentic building and a main attraction for people in the area. They live and relax around this church – and so should you.

Taino Shop, Uvero Alto

Uvero Alto, the most northern part of Punta Cana, is known to be a more remote and luxurious area. It’s here that you can find the Taino Shop, selling locally made art made by Dominicans. This is definitely one for souvenirs, but good ones! The ladies in the shop can tell you all you need to know about the artifacts and pieces of art before you choose one. This place is genuine. They sell little gems, from stones, to small statues, to jewelry, wooden creatures and paintings of the area. Sometimes you just want to shop!

Know of any more local museums around Punta Cana? Tag us, please? Insta & Facebook @bestofpuntacanaofficial!