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a large waterfall over a body of water

You’ve probably noticed that here at BOP, we’re besotted with waterfalls. These beauties make you feel fresh and humble all at once, escaping from the Dominican heat for a while. At the same time, they make you feel like you’re in a music video. That versatile! We’ve talked about El Limon and the tallest waterfall in Miches. Since we’re not done with falls yet, let’s talk Cascada Lulu in Samana.

Getting to Cascada Lulu

Right off the town of Samana City, which you can reach by driving to Miches (two-hour drive) and then taking the boat to the Samana peninsula, lies Cascada Lulu. An absolutely gorgeous waterfall that is easy to reach, even for children and people with walking difficulties. The drive, however, takes a bit more caution – it’s not hard, but you’ll need a four-wheel drive to cross a shallow river.

Local produce

Once you arrive at the parking lot of the Cascada Lulu waterfalls, you can simply follow the path to the falls. Fun fact: this path is lined with beautiful cocoa and coffee trees! As the Dominican Republic is the biggest producer of organic cocoa (for big chocolate companies like Lindt), Lulu is a good place to buy cocoa beans! The coffee is from the highest quality, too. Knowing that something is grown and made right at the place you’re standing, makes the experience that much more authentic! Cascada Lulu comes with a little shop where you can buy local products and smell those delicious coffee bean smells.

Of course, you can go for a swim underneath the waterfalls! Splash around, friends!

(Eco)tours in Samana

If you’re a bit less interested in DIY, you can take a grand ecotour to the Samana falls from Punta Cana. Eco tourism is THE travel trend for the Dominican Republic this year, and we absolutely understand why. We have such an abundance of beautiful landscapes to fall for, it’s hard to pick. Of course, it’s most important to treasure these natural paradises and keep ‘em alive for future generations.

Back to Samana. Tours with Terry offers a full ATV Quad tour to the stunning El Valle area, where you will discover beaches, local culture and of course – waterfalls. The tour takes about 4 to 5 hours, so it’s a half day of stunning nature and quad fun. It comes with fresh fish for lunch, cooked on a wood fire, and hotel pickup. Take your chance and discover this beautiful area!

Sleeping beauty in a tree

While you’re in the area, why not sleep in another perfect eco trend: a treehouse. Dominican Treehouse Village is not your typical resort – it offers a sleep in cabins high above the ground in the tropical jungle of the Sámana peninsula. This village is like no other! It comes with hammocks to lounge in, a beautiful pool and its own yoga studio. Besides, and maybe even most importantly, there are virtually no mosquitos around, so you can enjoy your open-air experience without a worry. Want to sleep in a coffee tree AND support the environment? We’re saying yes.

The friendly people at Treehouse Village know all the inside outs and secrets of the area, and Playa el Valle is one of them. This beach is out of this world. Glorious, lush mountains surrounding the wild ocean, and no tourist in sight! Keep this secret close to you and your dear ones and let’s all enjoy nature unspoiled.

We can’t wait to see your jungly Samana shots. Tag us using #bopplaces or @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: @mundodominicano Instagram