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a waterfall into a body of water

In BOP places the most beautiful treasures in the Dominican Republic are revealed.

There are a lot of stories about Samaná, the peninsula in the Dominican Republic. It is a part of the Dominican Republic that makes all your island clichés come to life. Waterfalls, untouched beaches, fishermen, green mountains, and colored houses everywhere. Yes, that is Samaná. Expect to read about Samaná in BOP places a few times, because we cannot get enough from this place.

El Limón

In this blog, we will keep it simple by focussing on El Limón, which is a municipal district of Santa Bárbara de Samaná. A town in Samaná.
The waterfall Salto del Limón is the eyecatcher of the area. Want to feel like you are in a travel commercial by wading yourself in the waterfall? It is possible!
There is an option to walk, but it could be quite dangerous since you have to cross a mountain and a river that could be higher than usual due to rainfall. We chose to go the old-fashioned way. We took a horse.

Get on that horse

Get on that horse and see the amazing surroundings while you go up on the mountain. Pass through nature, that resembles a rainforest. See pineapple plants and several fruit trees like oranges and grapes. Afraid of heights? Breathe in and out and trust the lovely animal that is helping you to survive. The view on the mountain of the green hills with palm trees is something that will be kept in your memory forever.

You crossed a river and conquered the mountain. The journey does not end there. Enjoy a Piña Colada at the little bar on the mountain, because you will need a tranquilizer to get down to the waterfall. Good shoes make it easier to cover this part of the trip. It will help you to get a grip on the stairs that could be a little slippery. When you dip into the water, look around and praise yourself lucky that you are in such a beautiful place you realize it was worth the journey.

It is a 4-hour drive from Punta Cana to El Limón.
In public transport, it will take you 6 hours, because you will need to change buses in Santo Domingo. In Punta Cana, you can take the Expreso Bávaro to Santo Domingo and in Santo Domingo, you can take the Caribe Express bus to Samaná.


  • Wear good shoes. It could get a little slippery on the mountain.
  • The guides that go on the ride are not paid, they live off tips. Make sure to tip them properly for their effort.
  • Pet the horse once in a while it helps.
  • Keep calm during the horse ride, many have gone before you.

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