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Did you know that you can see humpback whales in the Dominican Republic every year? It is true and they are here right now! Whale season starts in January and ends in March.

What many people do not know that you can actually spot them in Punta Cana! 

Whales in Samaná

In our article in BOP places, we talked about the waterfalls in Samaná. Samaná is also the first thing people mention when talking about whales in the Dominican Republic. Why? The humpback whales that appear every year are on their way from the cold polar regions of the North Atlantic to the warm Samaná Bay to mate and give birth.  A trip that takes them months to undertake. Humpback whales have been going to Samaná for centuries. Cave drawings made in National Park Los Haitises reveal that the original inhabitants of the Dominican Republic spotted them long before Columbus set foot on the island.

What a lot of people don´t know is that you can actually see the humpbacks in Punta Cana too.

Spotting whales in Punta Cana

Don´t be surprised when you are out on a boat tour on open sea between January and March in Punta Cana and a whale splashes by. On their way to Samaná, the whales pass Punta Cana. Seeing a whale on the open sea is something that you will keep as a memory for a lifetime. It starts with seeing fountains of water bursting up in the air. Subsequently, circles form on the water and the waves get higher. As soon as you see that big black tail appear on the surface you know it is real. You are face to face with a whale! A few seconds later the enormous mammal splashes right back into the sea.

Just remember you are just an observer. The whales will not bother you if you leave them in peace in their natural habitat. Don´t get too excited by renting a boat yourself to go on the open sea to see them. This should only be done with an experienced captain or guide.

Snorkeling with whales

There is another option that you can take if you want to get up close and personal with whales.

Ride to Miches. This town is almost a 2-hour drive from Punta Cana. From there you can take a boat to Samaná, where you can see them in the Samaná Bay.

If you want to push your own boundaries, try snorkeling with whales. There is a special eco-tour that Caribbean Tours offer where you get the chance to snorkel with whales. You will not be hindering them, on the contrary, you will be admiring them from a distance while seeing them dance and play.

Aquatic adventures is also a company that offers soft-in-water encounters. It is an experience with whales in an intimate, yet non-invasive, manner. In the end, it is their home. You are just a visitor.

With Kim Beddall from Whale Samana, you get a lot of background information regarding the animals, while you spot the whales from a boat. A Marine Mammal Specialist is on board during all of the trips to answer all your questions during the tour.

What are you waiting for? Hop on that boat and experience this magical encounter for yourself.

Picture: Aquatic adventures