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a group of people on a beach near a body of water

So, you’ve spent all your money on your hotel or day trips and want to just roam around Punta Cana for free for a day. Might sound like an impossibility, but luckily, we have your back! What’s more, there’s actually plenty of freebies to have a few carefree days in town. Here’s to the skint, the broke, the budget babes: a list of free activities in Punta Cana.

Pet a horse

Everybody loves horses, whether that is to just look at these noble creatures or to pet them and feel their soft noses under your hand. Friendly and majestic animals, always willing to nibble on a bit of grass or – accidentally – on your fingers. In Cap Cana, we have great stables where you can go see the horses and talk to the owners. About sports, places to go horseback riding, or fun events in Punta Cana that week. All for nothing!

Play dominoes

THE national pastime in the Dominican Republic? Playing dominoes . Smacking those tiles against the plastic tables – very satisfying. Lots of Dominicans love playing dominoes, and you can surely join them! We don’t know if you’ll win, but that’s an entirely different story. Meet some locals and hop on the domino train! It’s a fierce, fun game and you can do it for free.

Cuddle with dogs with Sylvia

Another animal tip – isn’t it great there’s so many wonderful things to do for free, when you really think about it? Who doesn’t love puppies? In Punta Cana, there are many stray dogs. Friendly dogs, but strays. Our BOP Face Sylvia Mendez helps them out, gets them a little stronger and makes sure they will be adopted by a family. Sylvia and her colleagues always need help from volunteers who love dogs! It’s a 2-in-1 situation: you do a free activity AND you’re doing something good for the world.

Go swimming at one of the stunning beaches!

This is one of the easiest free activities in Punta Cana – go swimming at one of our breathtaking beaches. Jeez, what a difficult experience, what a hard life you have! Not spending any money AND swimming at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world? Tough. We say grab your towel and your sunscreen and head over to Cabeza de Toro or Macao! Be sure to bring a good book for a relaxing read.

Having an evening stroll along the water is a totes free experience too, you know.

Take a walk through different neighborhoods

Just like going for an evening stroll, you can easily discover Punta Cana by walking through our different neighborhoods (and buying absolutely nothing)! We love our diverse neighborhoods and how life is different in each one. Whether that is bubbly, lively Bávaro , cute and colorful Puntacana Village or chill and secluded Cap Cana, there’s something else to see everywhere. Look up some yoga exercises online and treat yourself to a relaxing yoga session on Juanillo Beach!

Organise a picnic with homecooked dishes

Ok, food is never fully free, but if you take your own homecooked dishes, you end up on a very cheap scale. You need to eat, anyhow. Take your packed up sandwiches, salads and slices of watermelon to a nice park or beach for a good old picnic! Play card games, showcase your yoga moves or dance to music you’ll definitely have blasting from some restaurant or bar. A blanket, a sunhat, some sunscreen and a couple of friends or family members are all you need for a nice few FREE hours in Punta Cana!

Do you know of any other free activities in Punta Cana? Share ‘em! @bestofpuntacanaoffical.