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Sometimes you overhear the funniest and craziest things on the calle. While you are walking or sitting somewhere, people around you discuss all kinds of topics. In word on the street of BOP goes local,  we collect the funniest things we heard on the streets of Punta Cana. Of course, we write down everything anonymously. So, don´t be worried when you think a BOP editor is in the area. 

You can also participate in Word on the street. Tweet, email and share the things you overheard and we will feature them on BOP.

Man to woman on the bus carrying a life-size doll from frozen. “I am so happy my daughter is not here with me today. She would go crazy if she would see that Elza doll. It is beautiful like you. Can I have your WhatsApp?”

“Are you all going to school together?” A man says to three women in their hotel uniforms.

“What to do with her hair? Are we able to pull it off?” Two hairdressers discussing their client’s hair.

“Hey, thin one. There is enough space for you!” A bus driver with a full bus says to a girl walking on the street.

“Why isn´t she honest about the work she has done on her body. Does she really think we believe it is a gift from God?” Two women discuss a lady passing by.

“I have got a tab at that empanada stand.” A lady explains to a man on the street.

“We thought people still used horses in some places to get around in certain parts of Punta Cana.” A family on vacation talks to their tour guide.

“Do you know if the wind will stop in 15 minutes?” Lady asks waiter of a bar on the beach.

Send us the things you overhear on the streets of Punta Cana and we will feature them on BOP.

Photo: Go Dominican Republic