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a group of fish

The exciting feeling you get when you just discovered something that only insiders know like when we discovered secret beaches. We also got this sensation when we visited the fish market in Cabeza de Toro in Punta Cana. A place where you can get the catch of the day and be surrounded by Dominican culture.

A different kind of fish market

Do not expect a perfect row with wooden tables, where fish is displayed with little cardboards that have their name and price on them. On the contrary. White boxes full of fish will be staring at you while you visit the local fish market in Cabeza de Toro. Also, known as the Pescaderia. This is the place to go to when you are a true fish lover.

Punta Cana is known for fishing. For example, when Marlin season starts, every fisherman wishes to catch that fish. And so there are many other examples of different fishes in the waters around the area. At the fish market, you will see some of the different kinds of fish Punta Cana has to offer. Red Snapper is very common, but have you ever tried the yellow tail snapper or a fresh grouper?

Check the box

Just go up to a Pescador (fisherman) on the market and check his box. He will show you his catches of the day. As a matter of fact, it is the catch of the night because he has been out all night on the open sea to get fish to bite on his bait. When he tells you a price and you feel that it is a little too high, negotiate. 200 pesos per pound can turn into 100 or 150 pesos per pound. It always worth the try. Usually, they have much more fish stored on their boats, so if you have a special request just ask and he might have it. Or ask Pelao, the manager of the fish market, for the fish you have been craving for and he will be happy to help you.

If you do not feel like cleaning the fish yourself, just pay 100 to 200 pesos extra and the Pescador will clean the fish for you. Meanwhile, your belly might be grumbling in anticipation of tasting that fish. There is a solution at Restaurant La Proa. They will cook it for you at a charge.

Cabeza de Toro

The best time to visit the market is at 9:00 o´clock in the morning. At that time the fish is still very fresh.

To find the fish market drive to the direction of Pearl Beach Club in Cabeza de Toro.  You need to pass the beach club. When you pass the club you need to turn left to Blue Beach and you can find it there.

There will be days that the fish market is not there. This happens, when the sea is rough and the fishermen can´t go out at night to fish.


When we published this article we got some comments on the main picture that we used. On the picture, a parrotfish is seen, which is an endangered fish in the Dominican Republic. In no way shape or form are we encouraging you to go out and buy this fish. The parrotfish protects our beaches and are needed in the Coral reef. That is why we need to take good care of them, so they won´t disappear. Knowledge and education is everything!