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Seeing as Punta Cana is such a wonderful place to be, why not become one of the locals? This week, job coach María Jesús explains all about finding a job, and then especially around the Punta Cana area.

Who is María Jesús?

María Jesús Vilar-Blanco has been in the Dominican Republic for 7 years, where she arrived after working for international luxury 5-star hotel companies in a number of European countries. Here in our country, she worked as a Corporate HR Director for an international company, where she managed 6 hotels and 4,000 employees. She has always been dedicated to HR Management in the Hospitality area, and always knew what she wanted to do. After graduating in Law in Spain and specializing in a Master’s Degree in International Labor Law and Labor relations in England, she continued her path with a Master of Hotel Management at the Hotel School of Les Roches Switzerland.

María is currently developing her firm HOTELIER AT HOME, Human Capital Management Consulting, and optimization of quality processes, through which she is a partner of several Societies and Groups highlighted in the sector.

María about finding a job:

“If you have chosen the east of the Dominican Republic to live and work in, given that the services sector is the main economic engine of this region, you will probably be interested in developing yourself professionally in the hospitality industry. Here are some tips!

Know your future employer

Not all hotel chains are the same, nor are their brands, the standards that define them, their clients, their nationalities or their tastes and preferences. The gastronomic experience offered is different in each place, as is the quality of service. Therefore, as a candidate, it’s important to try to identify which hotel brand is in line with your interests, experience, knowledge, and personal vision of the business. Knowing this will make you feel comfortable at your job from the first moment you start working.

Decide on your professional path

For a successful job search, it is essential to know in what area you want to develop yourself (operations, food, and beverages, rooms, marketing, administration, etc.) and so create a strategy fitting with your personal and professional goals. These are the positions that you need to be focusing on, as they should help you reach other positions that you crave. Always have a clear horizon and your goals visible.

Know your added value

Defined what you want to do? Now you must know how to get that job. To do this, you must know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Knowing your strengths is important, because they will help you to sell yourself as an added value to the organization you want to belong to. Knowing your weaknesses is also key. By identifying them, you can find the right solution to overcome them, and therefore continue on your professional path.

Learn to sell yourself

Maybe you did not know this, but a recruiter spends an average of 2.30 minutes reading the Curriculum Vitae that is sent to them. That means: the CV is increasingly neglected. It is true that it is still a very valid presentation tool but beware: it must be a well-written document (brief, neat, without grammatical or typographical errors) and you will have to use a cover letter once you have developed your network.

Develop your network

It is no secret, all organizations and those responsible for searching for talent appreciate the recommendations of candidates that reach us through our contacts. Why? It’s simple. If I know and have a personal and professional connection with my contacts, I will know how to value the references they give me about the people they recommend. This is not favoritism. We’re simply much more successful in our recruitment process if we contact candidates referred to us by our colleagues. Then, as usual, the normal selection process will begin, in which we will define whether this candidate is actually the most suitable.

Persist and be constant

It is a truism, but for anything in life, perseverance is the only thing that makes the difference between those who succeed and those who give in to the process. Do not give up, trace your strategy, think about how to direct and redirect it, where to introduce yourself, and stay positive. When you manage to be in front of the recruiter, remember that we are all human. Therefore, the empathy, energy, and positivity that you communicate WILL make the difference.

Good luck on your new destiny!”

Want to get in touch with María and work for the beauties of resorts we have here?  Write to [email protected]

Picture: Ifa resorts