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Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 3-12
Infant Ages 2 and Under

Experience Isla Saona on a Full-Day Tour

Come experience Saona Island your way! When you join us, you won’t be rushed, and you can join a small group or choose to explore with a private party! This is undoubtedly the most complete excursion to Isla Saona. We arrive at the remote, quiet and impressive beaches on the island of Playa Toro by speedboat.

Once there, we snorkel, visit the famous fishing village of Mano Juan, and explore the marine turtle sanctuary, where with a bit of luck and depending on the time of year, we can see the impressive Tinglar turtle. After that, we have lunch in a typical Caribbean restaurant or under the palm trees!

We then sail to a famous habitat of natural pools where giant starfish live. At this point, you experience the Catuano Channel, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea unite. From there you go through the mangroves and see first-hand the ecosystem that welcomes a huge variety of wildlife! If time permits, two stops can be made in the area of the natural pools: one in the morning and another in the afternoon, when you can enjoy a beautiful sunset!

What’s Included:

  • Excursion
  • Ground transportation
  • Marine transport
  • Natural park entrance fees
  • Visit natural pools
  • Visit fishing village
  • Visit turtle sanctuary
  • Visit beach bull
  • Visit Canal de Catuano
  • Visit mangrove protected area and snorkel
  • Lunch buffet
  • Premium drinks