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Quick Details

Adult $1020 USD | Ages 13+
Child $510 USD | Ages 3-11
Infant Ages 2 and under

The Ultimate Dominican Republic Experience

This is undoubtedly the best experience that can be done in the entire Dominican Republic, a tour of the deep south visiting one of the authentic jewels of the Caribbean, Bahia de las Águilas, a place that still conserves its nature totally intact. We visit places as impressive as the famous Dunes of Baní, Enriquillo Lake (the area with the greatest concentration of crocodiles of the Caribbean), the beautiful town of Barahona, the famous beach of Los Patos, San Rafael beach, the 7 spas, Cabo Rojo, the Quemaito, Bahia de las Águilas beach, and more. This circuit takes us through the most beautiful areas of the south for three days.

The Bay of the Eagles is a bay of the Caribbean Sea, located in the central part of the southern coast of the island of Hispaniola. Administratively, it is part of the Pedernales province of the Dominican Republic. It is largely the Jaragua National Park and has an extension of about 1,374 square kilometers and about 37 kilometers long. Bahía de las Águilas is located in the south of the island.

The bay was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the government received the certificate that accredits this area as of global ecological importance. Bahía de las Águilas is part of the Jaragua National Park. According to surveys and opinions at the international level, it is in this place where the most beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic exist. Its beaches are so beautiful, so white, and their waters so crystalline that they astonish its visitors. It is also rated as the most crystalline beach in the world. Bahía de las Águilas has some of the best coral reefs in the Caribbean.

It is also a breeding area for the Antillean manatee, a species in critical danger of extinction. In its waters abound corals, giant starfish, pseudoterogorgia gorgonia (marine invertebrates that look like skeletons of shrubs), and seagrass beds. It is possible to see hawksbill turtles because these beaches are the largest nesting area in the Caribbean and have the largest number of young hawksbills in the world. The green turtle or tinglar is frequent in these waters.

Equally important are the populations of rhinoceros iguana, pigeon coronita, pigeon ash, lambies, manatees, dolphins, etc. In the Jaragua National Park, there are about 130 bird species, of which 10 are endemic, 76 are resident, and 47 are migratory. Bay of Las Aguilas has not yet been approved to build tourist facilities, so we will find a totally unspoiled area, full of marine fauna and coastal flora.

The accommodation is made in a truly heavenly place, Eco del Mar Lodge, at the foot of one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, where we will enjoy direct contact with nature.

We will get in contact with you after your reservation to plan the pick-up to start the adventure.

What’s Included

  • Bed and breakfast
  • Cold drinks during the trip
  • Three-night and four-day excursion
  • Destination guides
  • RC insurance
  • Cable car
  • Transport
  • Video footage
  • Visit 27 puddles of Damajagua
  • Visit Cayo Arena
  • Visit Puerto Plata City
  • Visit Estero Hondo (manatees)
  • Visit Malecon of Puerto Plata
  • Visit Pueblo Cabarete
  • Visit Pueblo Jarabacoa
  • Visit Sosua town
  • Visit Rio Jimenoa
  • Visit Jimenoa Falls