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When it comes to eating local food when we’re on a holiday, we are totally in for it. And frankly, it would be a shame if you hadn’t tried any of the Dominican yummy dishes while you’re visiting Punta Cana. But let’s face it, sushi has become an equally big part of our lives as, let’s say, hamburgers. No shame in that! And because we’re all that bad, we’re listing 5 of our top picks of places to eat sushi in Punta Cana. They see me rollin’…

Bachata Rosa

This restaurant of famous Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra and the SBG group will have your taste buds longing for more. The idea behind this place is to stimulate the 5 human senses. Taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. It sure does. See Juan Luis Guerra´s influence in the interior that has references to his music videos. In fact, Bachata Rosa is the name of one of his albums. Hear the Dominican music while tasting good sushi. Their sushi belongs to one of the best in the area. Try their crispy salmon Nigri!

Fusion Bistro Bar Cava

The name says it all: Fusion Bistro Bar is a mixture of different has an elegant vibe for every occasion. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a family lunch! But although the restaurant has an inviting feel, the owners wanted to leave out the extra decoration to keep everyone’s attention on the menu. A good idea for you, and your taste buds! Start with the tropical roll with mango, avocado and tempura shrimp, and try the Zuniga roll with fresh eel. For the non-sushi lovers, there are several meat/steak and fish platters, including a great ‘bouillabaisse’, the famous French fish stew. Also, make sure to pair your food with some excellent wine from their award-winning wine cellar. With more than 60 labels from small vineyards all over the world, you’ll be sure to taste something special. If that’s not enough, the service of the staff is amazing and the owners make sure everyone is being taken care of. Check out their website here.

Pearl Beach Club

And now for something fancy. How about a great sushi dinner at the beach? At this pretty place that’s not a problem. With charming, luxurious corners where you can sit, talk and have an intimate dinner, the vibe is an experience in itself. In between the swaying and rustling palms, you will be served sushi on perfectly executed platters with the most colorful bites. Every plate is like a little artwork! Also make sure you order the tobacco fusion (with gin, tobacco syrup, mango juice and dill), and the vanilla and plantain tartin with toffee sauce). After that, you can join the other guests at the beach bar or dance the night away at the club. Check out their website here.


Have you ever heard of the game Mikado? No? Well, maybe the name will stick around after you’ve eaten here. The chefs will not just bring food,  but also a very fun experience to the table. The restaurant is decorated in a minimalist, Japanese style. If you want to see where the magic happens, you can take place at the square bar surrounding the cooking space. Forget the dinner shows you know, this one is different but just as exciting! With not just sushi, but also several rice and fish dishes on the menu, there is something for everyone. So do bring your little ones! Mikado is located in Grand Bahia Principe.

Noah Restaurant and Lounge

In a small but charming setting, Noah restaurant and lounge does great things with fish and meat whether it’s in Caribbean or Japanese style. If you’re looking for an intimate evening where you’re being fully taken care of, the manager Ronald or one of the other friendly staff members will make sure your evening goes as planned. Top hits include the Noah sushi roll, fresh tuna salad, and octopus salad. And if you do want something Carribean: they serve amazing churrasco (grilled meat), mofongo (plantain dish) and chivo (goat). Check out their website here.

What is your favorite sushi roll? Tell us @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

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