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a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

“What did you do this weekend in Punta Cana? Well, I wakeboarded, did a Wipe Out live action track, a donut ride, flyboarded, and paddleboarded.” You will have quite a story to tell at the coffee machine when you come to work on Monday morning, or when you arrive back from your holiday. And it is not a lie or an exaggeration.

Our BOP team took the plunge, dived, climbed, and jumped into the water during a day full of activities at RAD Park.

Fun activity 

RAD Park is the definition of a BOP through Punta Cana activity. It is fun, active and something you can do with different age groups. Especially when you are looking for things to do in the area.

Imagine this large plot and in the center of it a big manmade lake where wakeboarders do their tricks in turns. They are connected to this cord that runs above their heads that helps them to navigate and pull them forward. Walking a little further down the area there are obstacles in the water that resemble the popular television show Wipe Out. Contestants battle against each other on this show, by climbing and jumping through obstacles in the water. Catapult somebody in the water, by jumping off a high springboard and landing on a cushion that makes the other person fly upwards. One of the things you must do when you are there.


“Our partner Nitro city in Panama, which is an action beach sports resorts, approached us to start a wakeboarding theme park in Punta Cana. We did not know if there was a wakeboarding community in Punta Cana. But to our surprise, a lot Spanish, Americans, and Russian guys really liked wakeboarding”, manager Rafael explains.

At RAD park you can spend a day participating in activities because there are different things to do, but you can also become a member if you plan to stay in Punta Cana for a longer time. “In the beginning, there were two members who came to wakeboard almost every day. Now we have 58 members. They really like us because we give people the feeling that they are part of a community. It is a tight community. Of course, we also have people who come to the park for just one day.” RAD park will be even bigger in the future. There expanding the theme park with paintball and motocross. Of course, we will let you know when this happens.

After a full day of activities, eat at Chozza the restaurant on the premises.

Our BOP team did make one observation at RAD Park and that is, that there is a need for more female wakeboarders in the park. So, all you women out there visiting or staying in Punta Cana, give it a try!

Rad Park is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and is located at Barceló Avenue, Km 38, East Tourist Boulevard Corner.

+1 829 760 1076

An activity that can be included in your things to do in Punta Cana list.