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a tree next to a body of water

Another week, another neighborhood! Right on the north side of Macao, there’s a small and tranquil area called Uvero Alto, full of activities for you! Whether you’re just going for an exclusive lunch or a horseback ride along the shore, Uvero Alto has something for everyone. The secret of Uvero Alto? It’s less crowded, less touristy than other neighborhoods in Punta Cana. Here, the waves are YOUR waves.

Mornings in Uvero Alto

Morning, wanderer! Why not get a coffee at Insomnia Café or Coco Café for a good pastry and a chill cappuccino, and look at your plans for the day. Cake, cake, cake! Ice cream more your thing? Next to Coco, you can find Sundaez, for all your cold, sweet wishes.

Walk the ten minutes to the beach and get a relaxing morning massage right on the ocean, at Chiringuito Spa. This is literally just a few beds, so your body will be soothed while you listen to the waves rolling onto the shore. Relax while supporting the Uvero Alto community, easy right?

Then, if you’re all rosy and awake, it’s time to visit the cute Taino Shop for some real souvenirs and little art tokens and statues. The women in the shop can tell you the stories behind them and chat about the history of Dominican art and the Taino people a bit.

Afternoon action

Enough of the calm, Uvero Alto presents its visitors with some good action too! First, go for a luxury lunch at The Sivory and take advantage of the Michelin chef they hired. Michelin chefs know exactly how much your body needs to not feel overly full, so you’ll still be able to do things (read: not roll home) afterward!

There are a few things in the neighborhood. Firstly, there’s the Aquapark at Sirenis featuring great water slides and different sorts of attractions. If you would like to be in the water AND learn, you could try a Kitesurfing lesson at Kitesurf Punta Cana KBS School . You’ll look cool riding the waves within no time! Then, another option is to get hot and sweaty with one of those friendly four-legged creatures – we’re talking horseback riding! Rancho Caribeno provides everything you need for a good ride.

Feeling less energetic? Why not go for a little shop at Uvero Alto Plaza? On some days, salespeople can be a bit pushy but just ignore them. You just buy whatever YOU want to. When you want to get real touristy, try a bus tour with Rancho Uvero Alto Casso Tours around a local farm, school, rice factory, sugarcane fields and some beautiful beaches. You could also just go and eat local Dominican food at their restaurant at the beach and go for a 15-min horse ride for fun. You don’t always have to figure out everything yourself, sometimes a quick “hop on hop off” experience is a nice way to enjoy the local scenery.

Evening fun

And with evening fun, we mean Uvero Alto restaurants. For simple, local food you go to either El Batey, El Bohio or La Yoda, three restaurants/bars around a big pool, where it’s always lively. Sometimes you even get singing waiters! This party always comes with tequila or mamajuana, and great nachos. Skipped out on your luxury lunch? Have a fancy dinner at The Sivory! Or go for a huge seafood platter at Seafood Paradise.

Sleeping over in tranquil Uvero Alto? When you’re with a large group of people (up to 30) for, say, a group holiday, a wedding or a national holiday celebration, try booking The Palms, which has people absolutely ecstatic! Otherwise, sleep at luxurious the Sivory (mentioned above) or paradise Zoetry Agua. Got a week of romance planned? Stay at the cutest blue house on the beach! Or book this beachfront apartment , accommodating up to 4 people, when you’re more on a budget. You can choose to hire a local cook to prepare your dinners if you’re a bit lazy OR just interested in the local cuisine!

Don’t forget to share your Uvero Alto wanderings with us on Instagram – tag us with the hashtag #instaBOP!